Delta-10 is a powerful cannabinoid that has a lot to offer. It is an isomer of CBD and a derivative of hemp. It is completely legal if the final product contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Crested River brings you premium-grade, high-quality Delta-10 products in the purest forms!

Delta-10 has a double bond in the eighth position, while delta-9 has a double bond in the ninth. Similar to CBD, Delta-10 binds both CB1 and CB2 receptors. Delta-10 has a low level of psycho-activity compared to THC. Its use is mainly medicinal. Delta-10 is almost twice as powerful as Delta-8 in terms of potency.


This cannabinoid binds to the CB1 receptor just as delta-9 does, but its molecular structure is slightly different which alters its affinity. This differential union is responsible for its effects of reducing anxiety and improving concentration.


According to the US National Cancer Institute, Delta-10 can be defined as an analog of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with antiemetic properties (inhibitor of vomiting or nausea), anxiolytic properties (combats anxiety or panic), stimulants of the appetite, as well as analgesic (relieves pain) and neuroprotective properties (combats the aging of nerve cells). New potential benefits are under scrutiny, as after a long time this wonderful cannabinoid resurfaced again, but this time it is here to stay.

Medical Potential

A series of preclinical and clinical studies are discovering some of the unique properties and potential of Delta-10-THC. Qualities that stand out are:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Anti-nausea effects
  • Pain reduction
  • Reduce insomnia
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Stimulates appetite

However, the benefits of Delta-10 vary depending on each person. Generally, its psychoactive qualities are less than delta-9. So, if you want to benefit from these properties without paranoia or anxiety, Delta-10 is an excellent option.


Delta-10 is ideal for those who do not enjoy the strong effects of delta-9-THC and are looking for a medium effect. It provides the benefits of CBD and a slight feeling of exaltation, without feeling that their cognitive functions are deteriorating.


Like all other major cannabinoids, the synthesis of Delta-10 begins with Cannabigerolic acid or CBGA, the acidic form of the cannabinoid CBG. The stem cell of cannabis produces several cannabinoids. THCA comes from this stem cell molecule in mature plants. THCA-containing plant decarboxylates through exposure to heat or UV light, losing a molecule of carbon dioxide (CO2) and becoming delta-9-THC or THC. From there, an aging process takes place through oxidation, transforming the compound into Delta-10.

To produce a substantial amount of Delta-10, we need a specialized practice of extraction, isolation, conversion and refinement. Delta-9-THC exists in total percentages that can reach 30% depending on the variety. However, Delta-10 only exists naturally in minute fractions less than 1%. Its main value comes in a refined form in concentrates. For this reason, the molecule shows promise in several studies.

Many people compare it to traditional THC but in a more optimistic and sustainable way. It produces a semi-sedating physical sensation without much mental stimulation. It gives more discreet effects that the user can enjoy. You can concentrate without losing focus and still feel the calming effects. In other words, the Delta-10 offers a very harmonic stimulus, with zero anxiety or confusion. It makes the user feel in tune and less upset than when consuming delta-9 THC. At the same time, it amplifies the senses and makes them more intense or sharper. It’s really great for doing outdoor activities like hiking or cycling.


Delta-10 is still a THC variant, but less powerful and with some variations. Therefore, since THC tests usually only look for a trace of THC, the result could vary. As long as your Delta-10 comes from a CBD source with a percentage lower than 0.3% THC, there would be no problem. The THC amount is so small that it would be undetectable. Many CBD products also test positive in this type of test, depending on its concentration in THC. We recommend to keep your consumption moderate and responsible.


When we consume delta-10 as edible, the effects vary since the absorption route is different. It could significantly increase the effects. Our digestive tract absorbs Delta-10 and its effects are longer lasting, around 6-8 hours. This offers a considerably longer period of relief from symptoms in terms of chronic pain and sleep problems. Oral ingestion in the form of edibles, oils and tinctures) could be an alternative to avoid having to continuously dose yourself by smoking or vaporizing.


  • Advanced Dose (0.3mg / kg): 45mg-150mg per use.
  • Intermediate Dose (0.2mg / kg): 15mg-45mg per use Delta-10.
  • Delta-10 Beginner Dose (0.1mg / kg): 5mg-15mg per use Delta-10.
  • Edibles: 10-20 mg and takes 20-60 minutes to take effect.
  • Vapers: 1-7 mg and takes 1-5 minutes to take effect.
  • Sublingual oils: 20-35 mg and takes 5-20 minutes to take effect.

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