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Buy High Quality CBD Oil, Delta 8, and CBG Oil Online


If you’re looking to buy high-quality CBD Oil, Delta 8, and CBG Oil online, Crested River is the right place. We are known for consistently offering premium grade CBD products at great prices. While our customers love our wide selection of products, we are more popular for our transparency around third-party testing. We offer a third-party lab results database for every type of product. Crested River has earned its place as the most trusted CBD brand and received extensive media coverage in Minnesota in recent years.

Buy CBD Oil and CBD Gummies Online

Crested River offers high-quality, natural CBD oil and other products that you can buy on our website. Our CBD oil contains ingredients of the highest quality and is particularly well absorbed by the body. No fats, wax or other additives make it to the end products here.

Best Quality CBD Products

We only serve premium products, combining pleasant taste and high-quality ingredients with a passion for customer service. We offer a variety of flavors and strengths to meet the needs of our various consumers. We offer both pure CBD isolate and full spectrum products to meet a variety of needs.

Fair Pricing and White Label

Crested River has a minimalist and elegant catalog of quality products, which we offer at fair prices. We also offer white labeling of our products if you would like to do your own branding.  We can do all the hard work for you on the production side so you can focus on building your business.

Lab Tested CBD Products

During the entire development and production process, we pay attention to exact compliance with the highest quality and testing standards. Independent laboratories regularly confirm the excellent cannabinoid profile of our CBD oils in detailed analysis certificates.

Buy CBD Products for Everyone

Crested River combines nature, science and industry leading customer service to make CBD products accessible to everyone. Our ambition and passion have made us one of the most innovative and popular CBD brands in the US.

Best Extraction Process

We produce each batch from ecologically controlled, low-THC industrial hemp through a high-quality extraction to preserve the full spectrum of cannabinoids of the hemp plant. Crested River doesn’t just rely on organic certification. All products are tested for toxic substances and cannabinoid levels by US accredited laboratories.

CBD Products in Various Forms

As a global wellness brand, we are focused on providing high quality, innovative and effective CBD products. We offer CBD products such as tinctures, capsules, gummies, cosmetics and vapes. Our unique carrier oil improves bioavailability and ensures a very mild taste. All products go through a strict testing process to guarantee their quality and safety.

A Variety of Products

At Crested River, you really get everything you can imagine. In addition to various CBD oils, we offer a catalogue of Delta 8 THC, THCP, Delta 10 THC, and CBG oils on our online storefront. We pay special attention towards the preservation of valuable cannabinoids during processing. This leads to stronger effects of our products on your body. Here are some of the qualities of Crested River CBD products:

  • High customer satisfaction
  • High quality and strict quality controls
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Made from industrial hemp
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Organic products
  • Processed with care
  • Rich in natural active ingredients
  • We only use American hemp

Buy Delta 8 THC Oil and Delta 8 Gummies Online

We rely on careful handling of the industrial hemp for our premium grade Delta 8 products. Our Delta 8 have become one of the most popular products among our customers. Its mild legal high that keeps users focused and lucid is one of the main reasons they’re driving consumer demand. Another reason is little to no side effects.

Since our Delta 8 products contain no more than 0.3% of Delta 9’s THC, you don’t feel anxious or paranoia, which are common Delta 9 side effects. The psychotropic effects are somewhat noticeable, but the entire experience is much more enjoyable. So, if you’re trying to relax, take a break from your busy routine, or have a little fun over the weekend, Delta 8 from Crested River is your safe, healthy way to do that.

Buy best CBG Oil Online

If you’re looking for something that truly combines the best of both worlds, Crested River’s CBG oil is your best bet. Apart from our great range of Delta 8 and CBD products, you can now also buy our CBG oil and blends.

Customers who buy our CBG oil are very satisfied with their decision. Due to the full spectrum of cannabinoids, the effect of this oil is extremely versatile. You will quickly notice an improvement. Moreover, many users confirmed its mild taste, which makes it much easier to take. As our products also contain omega-3/omega-6 fatty acids, terpenes and vitamins, this oil packs a punch with all of its ingredients combined.

Looking for the right product? Crested River offers organic, premium grade CBD products at a great price compared to other brands. Moreover, there are thousands of reports from satisfied customers. Try your favorite product at Crested River today!

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