Why get your Delta 10 from Crested River?

At Crested River, we specialize in high-quality, premium-grade Delta 10 THC oil. We ensure the quality of our Delta 10 THC oil drops with robust testing in external laboratories.

We invite you to explore the variety of our products in our online shop. As the Delta 10 THC oil pioneers in Morgan, MN, we offer variants based on hemp oil refined with terpenes. Crested River serves customers throughout the United States.

Only Premium Products

We obtain all of the Delta 10 THC oils available from selected premium manufacturers. They are obtained exclusively from hand-picked, US-certified hemp plants with a THC content of less than 0.3%. Our Delta 10 THC oils are available in many different concentrations and variants to suit all your needs.

Free from Contamination

We consciously make sure that chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are not used in the cultivation of the plants used for Delta 10 THC oil. This is the only way to ensure a high quality and an end product that is as natural as possible.

Our Values


All our Delta 10 THC products comply with the American standards with less than 0.3% THC. Each product is tested by an independent laboratory. We also have our certificates of analysis available online on our website or on request.


Beware of scams with Delta 10 THC, which is a new and complex industry in the US. We have hand-picked and selected the best Delta 10 THC products in the country for you – you can’t go wrong when you’re with Crested River!


We give you all the information and the keys to understand everything about Delta 10 THC and become an expert as a user. We answer all your questions and advise you about the product you’re using and how it can help you.


We strive to ship as many orders as possible on the same day. However, the time of order placement and the distance can impact the delivery time. Nonetheless, it is our priority to deliver discreetly labeled packages to you with package tracking.


Right from the start, Crested River always selects the best of Delta 10 THC for you in the US. To improve quality and maintain the trust of our customers, we ensure hemp traceability, laboratory analyzes, best possible extraction method, and full spectrum of cannabinoids for our products. Full Spectrum oils are carefully picked for you to enhance the entourage effect, as well as superior quality and high concentrations in our products.  This is what benefits you with the best value for the money you spend. All our Delta 10 THC oils are carefully selected, perfectly legal and contain less than 0.3% THC.

Crested River’s products are rich in cannabinoids, be it oils, capsules, creams or vape. Everything we offer have been analyzed by independent laboratories certifying the content of Delta 10, CBD, THC. You will only find the best Delta 10 THC oils from the Crested River Cannabis Company.


All the Delta 10 THC oils distributed by Crested River meet our strict requirements, including organic hemp and proper extraction. We work hard to find the best Delta 10 THC oils and other innovative products for you to provide you with an optimal experience with Delta 10 THC. We have something for everything, and you won’t regret it once you choose a Delta 10 THC oil from us!

100% LEGAL Delta 10 THC

In the US, products containing less than 0.3% THC are not subject to the law on narcotics. We ensure that our products are legal. However, we recommend that you visit your state’s local regulations and laws.


We put a lot of emphasis on high quality Delta 10 THC. We work exclusively with organic productions without pesticides or herbicides.


Our products are developed in the US by companies specializing in Delta 10 THC in accordance with the American standards.


Crested River is an online Delta 10 THC store specializing in the sale of CBD-related products made in the US. Our Morgan, MN based Delta 10 THC storefront offers online sales in Delta 10 THC and delivers anywhere Delta 10 is legal in the US.

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