Crested River

Complete Spectrum Distillate


‘Complete’ spectrum is a blend of extracts that contain various cannabinoid profiles; including minor and rare cannabinoids. With 17 identifiable cannabinoids (15 via the official COA) you get a very good dose of each.

1 gram cartridge or disposable pen.

760mg/g total cannabinoids. 41% CBD, 6% CBDV, 6% CBG, 6% CBN, 5% Delta-8, 4% THCV, 3% CBT, 2% CBC, 1.5% CBE

All of our products including vape products use 100% all natural ingredients. No synthetic fillers, cutting agents or flavoring. We have full panel certificates of analysis on the devices as well insuring heavy metals and other potential impurities are not present.

Disposable pen has a recharge port under the tip cover to eliminate wasted distillate or worry of shelf life. 

Cartridges are glass body, ceramic element, and round glass mouth piece. Standard 5-10 thread.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Edwin Engelmann

Am always happy to receive products from Crested River

Karen Griffin
Amazing product!!

I have anxiety and insomnia issues, this product works super fast and has help me tremendously. Sleeping better now than in the last 2 years.

Eric K.
Love it

A couple hits was enough to help me sleep well throughout the night

Crested River Complete Spectrum Cartridge | Twin Cities Cannabis

This product is great for keeping you going during the day when you need a cannabinoid boost. This product helps regulate my food, keep me focused, and gives me the relief that I am looking for during the day. Keep the complete spectrum product in your backpocket, you won't be disappointed.

Chrissy S
Well worth the money

I decided to try since they were doing a black Friday deal. First time customer and I wasn't disappointed. This is a disposable pen so you don't have to worry about having the proper equipment. The taste was great, very floral and not over powering. I will be purchasing again.