Creating a White-label CBD/THC Line with Crested River

Starting your own CBD/THC line used to be a far-fetched idea due to all the legal constraints, but not anymore, ever since Crested River began assisting lots of different businesses in launching their own white-label CBD/THC lines.

It’s very possible now – even with the legal adventures, the business promises lucrative returns like just a few others.  However, you need a reliable partner, a support system, whenever you plan on doing something that’s not exactly as straightforward as following a recipe from a cookbook.

Crested River is all that entrepreneurs looking to carve out their niche in this sector need. Partnering with a reputable wholesale supplier like Crested River can provide the foundation for a successful venture.

Today, we’ll explore everything you could potentially face when launching your white-label CBD/THC business, paying particular attention to the legislative and legal hurdles you may come across in Minnesota. We also offer solutions to successfully tackle it all.

The Crested River Advantage

Hemp processing in Minnesota has advanced over the last couple of years. We’re now less reliant on labs out west. We don’t do our processing in-house; instead, we’ve teamed up with some local processors who use different methods.

We only use top-notch extracts and natural, easy-to-absorb extracts. Science tells us that adding a few natural extras to our blends can boost how well your body takes in the good stuff, way better than just using your typical carrier oil.

Understanding the White-label Business Model

In white-label, a company manufactures products and allows another company to rebrand and sell them as its own. Here’s an overview:

  • Manufacturing: The sourcing company (in this case, Crested River) will take care of the manufacturing process.
  • Branding: The company starting the white-label CBD/THC business, referred to as the reseller, is responsible for branding the products.
  • Customization: There may be opportunities for customization depending on the agreement between the white-label company and the reseller. You can discuss and request adjusting product formulations, and packaging sizes, or incorporating specific branding elements as a reseller.
  • Regulatory Compliance: You must comply with all relevant regulations and standards, such as those outlined by the FDA and specific state regulations like Minnesota’s CBD/THC laws. We’ve discussed it in detail later in this article.
  • Quality Control: Implement stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that each batch meets the required standards.
  • Distribution: Once the products are manufactured and branded, the reseller takes responsibility for distribution.
  • Scalability: As the reseller’s business grows, they can easily scale up their product offerings by working with the white-label company to expand their product line or increase production volumes.

CBD/THC Legislation and Regulatory Requirements in Minnesota

Crested River’s commitment to compliance and lab testing makes us an ideal partner for your white-label CBD/THC business, especially considering Minnesota’s evolving regulations surrounding CBD/THC.

Minnesota’s legal framework for CBD/THC like Chapter 18K and HF 4065 discusses legislation. Minnesota Statute 151.72 is also quite relevant here. Crested River aligns with these requirements by ensuring that their CBD/THC products contain less than 0.3% THC, are accurately labeled, and comply with independent testing mandates.

With the implementation of Minnesota Statute 151.72, which mandates testing for potency and contaminants by accredited labs, Crested River’s commitment to quality is evident.

Each batch of our CBD/THC products undergoes thorough testing to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and to provide consumers with safety and efficacy.

Our dedication to transparency extends to our labeling practices, which include providing information on the testing laboratory, as well as accurate CBD/THC and THC content details. Such transparency fosters trust among consumers and demonstrates Crested River’s commitment to regulatory compliance and product integrity.

The recent legislation, HF 4065 sets an age limit for purchasing CBD/THC and clarifies regulations on THC derivatives like delta-9. It further emphasizes the importance of sourcing CBD/THC from a reliable and compliant supplier like Crested River.

By partnering with Crested River, you can rest assured that your CBD/THC products meet Minnesota’s stringent regulatory requirements, allowing you to confidently enter the market and build a reputable brand.

Advantages of White-labeling

It dramatically reduces the time to market, as products are already developed and tested. The model gives you scope for scalability, as you can adjust your inventory based on demand without the need for significant upfront investment in product development.

Marketing Your White-label Products

Marketing can be a tough road for CBD/THC businesses due to advertising restrictions on many platforms. You’ll have to lean on content marketing, SEO, and influencer partnerships to reach your audience.

Customer Service and Loyalty

Excellent customer service is detrimental, so cover your tracks with everything from responsive customer support to handling returns and exchanges with ease. Implementing a loyalty program or offering special promotions can also encourage repeat business.

Product Development, Innovation, Customization

Crested River can help you adapt your product line to meet these changing demands as we constantly innovate.

Working with us allows you to customize your product offerings to suit your brand and your customers. Be it full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate products, you can select what fits best with your brand’s ethos and target market.

Crested River provides batch-consistency and lab-tested products so your customers receive the same high-quality product with every purchase.

Legal and Financial Planning

Proper legal and financial planning is also something that can leave many scratching their heads. Things like setting up the right business structure, obtaining necessary licenses, and keeping thorough financial records are necessary. Professional advice and help from people in businesses like Crested River can save you from costly mistakes down the line.


Launching your own white-label CBD/THC line with Crested River offers a promising opportunity to enter a thriving industry.

Crested River’s adherence to compliance regulations and robust lab testing procedures ensures that your white-label CBD/THC business operates within the bounds of Minnesota’s evolving legal landscape. With us as your reliable supplier, you can deal with the complexities of CBD/THC regulation with confidence, knowing that your products meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

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