Crested River is a family owned company with six generations of farming, we cultivate and process industrial hemp, offer a variety of products and are exploring other byproduct uses, while offering custom services and consulting.

Cannabis sativa L. has been used commercially and therapeutically for thousands of years. We believe in the benefits.

Crested River's vision is to implement and refine sustainable farming and manufacturing practices. Bring value and additional enterprise to the area. Diversify within the vast possibilities of hemp with research and development; embed ourselves into the industry, drive innovation and advocate for legislation.

Crested River is one of the founding members of the Minnesota Hemp Grower's Coop

Crested River is a proud member of the National Hemp Association
Minnesota Dept of Agriculture        Minnesota Grown
Crested River's brand of products is called Philotimo. Crested River strives to be a philotomist organization. The brand is focused on bringing relief to our community and our customers, as well as to those without access. With every purchase at retail, you support our compassion program which provides products to those who cannot afford them and have no other alternatives.
Philotimo (φιλότιμο) is a Greek word that is without definition, but impacts the world beyond imagination. The word Philotimo comes from the Greek root words “filos,” meaning friend, and “timi,” meaning honor. The meaning of Philotimo extends far beyond the words friend and honor. Philotimo encompasses the concepts of pride in self, pride in family, pride in community, and doing the right thing. Philotimo is an all-encompassing concept that gives meaning to life that stretches well beyond ourselves. 
In most common dictionaries, the word Philotimo describes a list of virtues that include honor, dignity and pride, the ideal actions and behaviors, hospitality, and warmth received by another.
The saying “actions speak louder than words” comes to mind when trying to explain Philotimo, as it’s easier to give examples of when you have experienced Philotimo, rather than trying to define the word itself.
According to Elder Paisios’, the definition of the word, Philotimo refers to “the relevant distillation of goodness; the radiant love of the humble man bereft of himself, but with a heart full of gratitude to God and his fellow man; because of his spiritual sensitivity he tries to repay even the slightest good that others do to him.”
Philotimo, at its core, is about goodness, selflessness, giving without wanting anything in return and the force that drives individuals to think about the people and the world around them.

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