More on Cannabinoids and MicroDosing THC in 2023

In 2023, we have more ways to consume cannabinoids and THC than ever before. Cannabinoids have made their way to our tabletops and summer beverage coolers. Still, businesses are equally interested in turning them into an experience by offering innovative THC-infused products.

Are you curious about the new ways you can use CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids?? Understanding the cannabinoids and how to micro-dose THC is an excellent first step. But what exactly is micro-dosing, and how do you do it?

This guide will help explain the key points of THC microdosing so you can get the most out of your experience and reap all the potential benefits associated with the practice. Let’s start with understanding micro-dosing first.

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing is where you take tiny doses of certain compounds, such as THC, to achieve specific effects. Generally speaking, microdosing involves taking far less than 10mg of THC at any one time—a far cry from the strong effects associated with conventional cannabis or THC use.

Most cannabinoids have little to no psychoactive effects. Users around the world have derived dozens of applications from it as a supplement. CBD, for instance, has become increasingly popular for anxiety, sleep issues, and inflammation.

Benefits of Microdosing THC

For starters, THC microdosing reduces any potential for overconsumption and its associated risks. Smaller doses also tend to be easier on the stomach, making them more effective for nausea, appetite stimulation, and other issues that small quantities may be perfect for.

It’s also possible to feel some effects when microdosing. Even though it may be subtle, some benefits associated with microdosing may include improved mood, increased creativity, and enhanced focus and concentration.

How to Micro-Dose?

  • Start Small: It’s essential to remember that microdosing is about taking small doses. Start with a quantity that is as low as possible—around 1-2.5mg of THC is a good goal. It will help you get a feel for what microdosing feels like and assess your reaction without any severe side effects.
  • Be Consistent: To get the most out of micro-dosing, be consistent with your dosages. Try to consistently take the same amount each day and see how your body responds. If your dosage starts to produce unanticipated results, adjust accordingly.
  • Wait: Give your body time to respond before adjusting your dosage when it comes to micro-dosing. Wait at least half an hour before increasing your dose to allow time for all the THC to get metabolized into your system.

Different Ways to Add Cannabinoids and Micro-Dose THC in 2023

Companies are introducing new concoctions and products every day. The trend of micro-dosing THC – the latest innovation in the recent past – gives you the opportunity to enjoy even more ways to take various cannabinoids and THC without consuming too much. Let’s look at some:

Inhaling Cannabinoids

Although the most common method, it’s primarily famous in a specific group of users who are comfortable with smoking, vaping, and dabbing, all of which give users complete control over the dosage and type of cannabinoids they are taking in.

Micro-dosing these methods allows for precise and consistent dosing throughout the day.

Note: Smoking and vaping may not be safe if you’re not getting your products from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. Poor-quality products could potentially cause harm to the lungs if done frequently or in large doses. Therefore, we advise you always to get your supplies from a reliable company.

THC ‘Brews’

Brewed beverages with alcohol are one of our oldest creations, but non-alconolic beer infused with THC is one of the latest innovations. Although mixing alcohol and THC in the same can is not allowed,  There are some innovators making products that taste like beer but contain THC instead. Taking your daily dose doesn’t get more accessible – and more enjoyable – than this.

For non-beer drinkers, Crested River's Homegrown Sodas, expertly infused with a generous dosage of THC, delivering 10mg per serving, alongside the balancing benefits of CBD. With a total of 2 servings per container, this delightful beverage offers a unique experience that will wake up your taste buds while providing a perfect harmony of both THC and CBD.

THC Drinks and THC Beverages

2023 has gifted us with these brilliant THC drinks made by infusing THC directly into a non-alcoholic beverage. Some of the most popular THC drink products include hemp-infused beer, CBD-infused cocktails, and marijuana-infused margaritas. All of these drinks provide the user with a unique user experience.

Now, it’s easier than ever to find these THC beverages and drinks, and new recipes will be popping up all the time – that’s excellent news for THC connoisseurs!

Enjoy the perfect dosage of cannabinoids with Crested River's Mini Sodas (pun intended), meticulously crafted to contain 2mg of CBG, 5mg of THC, and 2mg of CBC within each can. These fun and innovative beverages offer a distinctive flavor and an optimal balance of THC, CBG, and CBC.

You can tailor your experience based on your desired effects. Experience the enthralling combination of these cannabinoids as they work together to offer a one-of-a-kind sensation.


Topical Application

People are using topicals for localized pain or inflammation to apply cannabinoids to the affected area in the form of a cream, ointment, oil, lotion, or balm.

You’ll often find these infused with CBD without the psychotropic effects of THC. You can apply ointments on sore muscles and joints. At the same time, balms are often suitable for skin conditions like irritation and itchiness.

Sublingual Consumption

We all know the good old oils and tinctures – they’re just perfect for more immediate and consistent absorption of cannabinoids when taken sublingually. They allow you to administer the microdoses over time for more sustained effect.

Additionally, many users claim that sublingual consumption is more effective than inhalation methods, as it absorbs cannabinoids more quickly when taken this way.

Capsules and Gummies

Pills and gummies infused with THC and CBD allow users to select a micro-dose that they want to keep. Capsules also offer more precise dosing and often longer-lasting effects than inhalation and topical methods. Gummies, on the other hand, make for a more enjoyable and discreet approach to taking in cannabinoids.

Let’s take our Minnesota Delta-9 THC gummies, for example. It’s a legal edible adventure with these meticulously crafted Delta-9 THC gummies. Carefully adhering to the regulations set by the state of Minnesota, these gummies have been formulated to deliver controlled doses of Delta-9 THC. Micro-dose it all you want while having peace of mind that you are consuming a legally compliant product.

Our Majestic Mints are also a showstopper – each mint in this innovative treat contains a well-balanced dosage of 5mg CBD and 2.5mg Delta-9 THC. These refreshing mints offer a harmonious combination of the much-celebrated properties of CBD and the high-inducing effects of Delta-9 THC. With a lavish container housing a total of 20 mints, you can savor the perfect blend of fresh breath and chill with every mint.


What is the secret to micro-dosing THC and other cannabinoids? Remember to adjust the dosage over time based on how your body responds. Micro-dosing THC in 2023 is becoming a culture, now more widely accepted in the mainstream than ever before.

We’ve discussed numerous ways to add cannabinoids and micro-dose THC, each one with its set of pros and cons. With more companies offering THC brewing, drinks, and beverages, you'll have more options than ever before to enjoy it.


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