Many people are curious as to what is CBG. They have heard all about CBD and THC and the health benefits but what exactly is CBG? CBG or cannabigerol, is the new kid or rather cannabinoid on the block, and is showing some amazing and almost miraculous health benefits.

Major cannabinoids and minor cannabinoids – What is CBG?

THC and CBD are considered major cannabinoids that means you can have a plant that is mostly CBD or a plant that is mostly THC with small amounts of other (minor) cannabinoids present. Up until last year (2018) CBG was considered a minor cannabinoid, meaning that it was only found in small quantities within the plant, people were lucky if they got 2-4% CBG from a plant. The reason being is that CBG is only produced as the plant is growing, once the plant hits maturity that CBG is converted to either THC or CBD or a combination thereof. Well last year that all changed. Our brilliant scientist growers in Oregon hybridized a cannabis plant to be around 16% CBG at maturity (FYI: that number is high) with small amounts of THC and CBD. The plant tests at below 0.3% THC so is also considered hemp.

What CBG doing differently?

CBG has many of the same anti-inflammatory properties that CBD has. It tends to be less sedating and more energizing. I find people are taking CBD at night to enhance sleep and they are taking CBG in the morning for energy and focus. The pain relieving properties differ from person to person, some find the CBG to be more effective with combating pain and for helping with any type of gut issues.

The biggest take that we have noticed is that it is having profound results within the autism and ADD/ADHD communities.

As you can see from this survey that was taken on a Facebook group catering to autism, the CBG is having amazing results with mood, a huge increase in communication, anxiety and focus and look at the social interactions – WHAT? Is CBG kicking CBD’s butt? I think so!


It is also helping chemo patients by stimulating the appetite, more so than CBD does.

These cannabinoids are showing profound relief in people, everything from autism to arthritis , seizures to cancer and everything in between. It seems to work for just about anything. How? You ask. Well it all has to do with the endocannabionoid system that runs through our bodies.

Learn about the variances between CBD and CBG.

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