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Are you looking for variety in your everyday CBD? Or have you heard of CBD gummies and are wondering if they are effective or just a fun gag?

There are many reasons to try these delicious CBD gummies. These cheerful and colorful delights taste good, are easy and discreet at work, and are also popular with children. But how can these help us? In this article, we answer all questions about the delicious CBD candy. As a bonus, there is a simple recipe you can follow to prepare your own CBD gummies.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are just like classic gummi bears - but enriched with cannabidiol. They come in different flavors, shapes, and CBD concentrations. The gummies are available with CBD levels from 5 mg to 50 mg, so there is something for every user and application.

The ingredients differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some make their gummies with CBD isolate, others with a full-spectrum extract. However, our gummies always use full-spectrum extract with all the natural ingredients and zero artificial flavors or dyes. In addition to cannabidiol, the latter contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. As a result, the active ingredients enhance the benefits through the entourage effect. 

If you want to satisfy your appetite for sweets, CBD gummies are a tasty choice because they come in many flavors. CBD gummies at Crested River are vegan friendly and ethically priced. If you value vegan nutrition, you can explore our vegan CBD gummies and products.

We uphold high standards in the manufacturing and sale of our CBD gummmies.  The CBD industry is unfortunately full of unethical or uneducated merchants and manufacturers.  Being a hemp supplier in Minnesota – and working with Minnesota suppliers, we know where our ethically sourced CBD comes from.  Our CBD gummies and other products are made in small batches and hand crafted.  Being a MN CBD Formulator, we also use the hemp from other local farmers that are farming no more than 5 acres.

Effect and side effects of CBD gummies

Like any other cannabidiol product, CBD gummies have effects and side effects. We would like to present this to you here using a table.


Side effect (in high amounts)

Antioxidant effect


Influence on pain sensation, fear, stress and emotional stress

Low blood pressure

Impact on the immunity and immune systems

Unsuitable for pregnant women & toddlers


Since CBD gummies are going into your digestive system, they start taking effect much later than your CBD oil drops.

Therefore, it is assumed that you should allow at least 30 to 60 minutes before an effect occurs. The duration of action of CBD gummies can be between 4 and 6 hours.

The Advantages of CBD Gummies at a Glance

Are you looking for the advantages of CBD gummies? The question is not easy to answer because it depends on why someone uses CBD products. For example, while one customer chooses CBD flower for smoking, others prefers to eat CBD gummies because they like sweets.

Against this background, instead of advantages, we could perhaps speak of differences. These are definitely in the taste, in the way of taking and in the variety.

CBD sweets come in different shapes, colors, and flavors, such as:

For those who do not want to do without the effects of CBD, but do not like the CBD taste - CBD gummies are advantageous because their taste can hardly be distinguished from regular gummies.  They do however have a slightly earthy flavor from the cannabidiol.

Plus, you can eat them just like that without thinking twice about mixing them with other ingredients. 

Application Areas

Like other CBD products, CBD gummies have certain effects. Many say that CBD gummies taste good and do not remind you of medicine.

Therefore, some users like to eat them, for example, to strengthen their general well-being or relieve pain. Others noticed that CBD helps with sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, and inflammation.

Please note that – even if we list various fields of the application here – we cannot make any recommendations or health claims. After all, despite the first promising research work, science is still in its infancy when it comes to CBD.

However, some studies and reports address a very positive effect in various areas of application. Here is a list of relevant fields of application:

  • Back pain and Joint Pain
  • Nausea 
  • Smoking Cessation 
  • Anxiety and sleep disorders

It is also best to talk to your doctor about this topic if you have any complaints.

What do I have to consider when taking & dosing?

If you don’t like the taste of other CBD products, CBD gummies are a good alternative as the sweetness covers the slightly bitter taste. Customers often say that if you chew them well, the effect will be much quicker. The intake also depends on the area of application. Since the gummies have a longer duration, taking CBD gummies twice a day is often enough for a daily CBD dose. 

There are no general guidelines for the dosage because it depends on what effect you want to achieve. It is advisable to feel your way slowly, especially if you are eating CBD gummies for the first time.

However, note that the effect sets in later than when vaping CBD for example. So, it can take up to an hour before you feel any effect. Most CBD gummies have a CBD content of around 15-25 milligrams.

The approximate guideline for a daily CBD dose is between about 15-25 milligrams but some may dose much lower or much higher. You should start with a low dose and work your way up until you’ve achieved the results you want. This may take a week or more. Some find the ideal dose right away.

We have summarized some of the advantages and disadvantages of CBD gummies in a table:



Small, handy and convenient to “dose” 

Later onset of action through digestive process in the stomach

Hemp taste is overlaid by sweetness

Good compatibility

Highly Discrete

Make your own CBD Gummies

Making CBD gummies yourself has many advantages. The most important thing is that you can individually decide the ingredients and their dosage – not to mention the flavors. Following are the ingredients you need:

  • Flavored jelly cubes
  • 1½ cup of juice: Decide which juice best suits the jelly cubes you choose.
  • ¼ cup of CBD oil in the desired concentration
  • ½ cup of honey
  • Four bags of gelatin
  • A pinch of cornstarch

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, heat a cup of juice, the honey, the CBD oil, and the jelly cubes in a saucepan and stir constantly.
  2. Stir the remaining juice (½ cup) with the gelatin and then let the mixture rest for a few minutes.
  3. Mix both liquids and be sure to use a whisk to whip up the mixture and let it boil.
  4. To shape the gummies, pour the mixture into an appropriate silicone mold. Of course, you can also use other shapes, but silicone shapes are quite practical.
  5. You need patience because the filled silicone mold should first reach room temperature before you put it in the fridge.

Can I legally purchase CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are completely legal as long as the THC value does not exceed 0.3%. Reputable manufacturers and CBD formulators like Crested River regularly test this value in laboratories. At Crested River, all of our ingredients are ethically priced, sourced, and certified. Our CBD products are reliable, tested and available as certified kosher, vegan and organic varieties. Check out our lab reports here

Purchase criteria for High-Quality CBD Gummies

As with other foods, there are differences in the quality of CBD gummies. Therefore, we would like to highlight various points to show you what to look for when buying.

  1. Taste: Just like with gummi bears there are different flavors.  Let your taste buds decide and enjoy the CBD gummies that you like.
  2. THC content: Please make sure that the THC content is below 0.3 percent. If it is above this, the product may not be legal.
  3. CBD Content: You can see whether the CBD concentration in the gummies meets your needs. Pay attention to the packaging information. There should also be information about CBD content.
  4. Quality of the ingredients: Since health is one of our most important concerns for CBD users, the ingredients and quality are important. The CBD gummies should be free of pesticides and heavy metals, pollutants, and preservatives.  Crested River posts all lab results on our website.
  5. Other special features: If it is important to you, look at the information about whether the CBD gummies are vegan-friendly or gluten-free.
  6. Price: High-quality products usually have higher prices. Therefore, pay attention to the criteria that we have listed for you above. The more CBD your gummies contain, the higher the price. However, some suppliers may charge you more even on low-quality products, so this isn’t exactly a definite rule. For instance, Crested River products are always ethically priced, so you will even find high concentration and quality products at a reasonable price. 
  7. Reviews: Company reviews are important, but people can get show fake reviews and customers for getting attention. Be careful when checking a company’s credibility by reading their reviews. At Crested River, we don't make claims of "the best" and "the highest quality on the market", and we don't pay for sponsored content. Our reviews are real and so are our customers.


CBD gummies are a delicious and easy way to incorporate the active ingredient in everyday life. These come in different flavors that you can enjoy, especially if you want to keep it discreet. Because of their delicious taste, they are particularly suitable for beginners and children. We recommend start slowly, especially if you are trying it for the first time. Make sure of the quality before buying which at Crested River you don’t have to worry about. If you plan to give CBD to children or if you want to take it with serious complaints, you should consult a doctor. Pay attention to the purity of the products as well as the CBD and THC content. If you would like more information, you can visit our knowledge center right away. What is your opinion on CBD gummies? Have you had any experience with the candy? Please share your opinion in the comments.

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