INTRODUCING THCP: A New Experience for CBD and Delta8 Lovers!

If you are a fan of hemp-based products, you’re probably familiar with THC. Any cannabis connoisseur would tell you that it’s the most widely researched and used cannabinoid found naturally in cannabis. Most people use it to improve their quality of life, but there’s a great deal of legality involved when it comes to THC. Today, we’re introducing a new, more enhanced, and completely legal cannabinoid called THCP.

Is it the next best alternative to THC? Let’s find out!

Discovered by researchers from Italy, this popular cannabinoid is a new star player in the cannabis industry. It boasts almost an identical structure to THC, yet with one key difference. THCP has seven carbon atoms in its alkyl chain compared to THC, which has just five.

Have scientists actually found a cannabinoid that’s even stronger than THC? In this article rundown, we take a look at what THCP is and why it may be substantially more potent than THC.

What is THCP Anyway?

THCP turns out to be the most exciting discovery this year. While trying to find effective cannabinoids for medical use in the cannabis plant, these Italian researchers ended up discovering THCP and CBDP. Both of these compounds are quite similar to their predecessors, but what makes them extremely unique, valuable, and exciting is their potency, which is 30 times higher than CBD and THC.

Most THC in cannabis exists in acidic form of delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. When cannabis is dried, decarboxylated or heated, the THCa breaks down into THC, the famous compound that exerts its mind-altering effects. However, the chemistry works a bit differently with THCP. Read on to find out!

How is it Different from THC?

The difference between THC and THCP (delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabiphorol) is that THCP has seven carbon atoms in its alkyl chain. On the other hand, THC only has five. What significance do these extra two carbon atoms have? Quite a lot, actually. Phyto-cannabinoids with longer alkyl chains appear to more readily bind with CB1 receptors in the body’s central nervous system.

In other words, it seems that the 7-carbon alkyl chain in THCP has a stronger binding effect on cannabinoid receptors in the brain. It implies a stronger and potentially more potent effects for things like pain relief, appetite stimulation, and more.

Of course, data on THCP and its direct effects on the human body are still extremely limited. Also, it seems THCP may exist in cannabis in substantially lower quantities than THC. However, at Crested River, we are extremely delighted to be the first company ever to offer this rare hemp delicacy in its purest, most pleasure form. With our THCP, you get a whole new experience that nothing else can match!

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  • Keep the product away from children.
  • Our products are tested and certified for contamination.
  • We recommend to avoid using this product while breastfeeding or during pregnancy.
  • You should not drive after taking this product.


Disclaimer: As per the law, we do not claim to cure, treat, or diagnose any clinical disease with this product. The product is only for a supplement or recreational use. It is not a substitute for medication.

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