CBD Myths

CBD Myths

Popular culture and major news outlets aren’t known for the depth of their information…or their accuracy. Gossip and headlines get way more attention than scientific facts. Because of this, there are many common myths associated with CBD oil. We’re going to explore a few of the biggest ones so you can have the best information available.

Is CBD oil addictive?

Gosh heck no. Taking CBD oil is a lot like taking any other vitamin or nutritional supplement. You can see benefits from its use, but it’s not going to make you addicted. It doesn’t trigger the addiction areas of the brain, and it doesn’t cause the user to feel a need to take it often, so you might actually need to remind yourself to take it. When taking high doses you may see a decrease in effectiveness over a few weeks or months. Large doses do create a tolerance over time, so simply stop taking it for a week or so then begin again.

Can CBD oil get you high?

Negative, CBD does not get you high. CBD is an isolated compound that is non-psychoactive. This means it does not cause a “high” feeling. It doesn’t make you feel sedated or paranoid, either. CBD oil is most often sourced and purified from hemp plants, which have nearly no THC, so there’s no risk of these psychoactive impurities. Lower quality or homemade oil may contain THC depending on the source and method used, so choose your CBD oil wisely.

Is CBD only for cancer patients?

Nope! CBD oil has a long list of clinically proven benefits for those with cancer and who are undergoing treatment, such as maintaining appetite, decreasing pain, reducing stress, and assisting with sleep. You don’t have to have cancer to enjoy these benefits. You can improve your health at any stage of life by using CBD oil. It’s even better for those who don’t have cancer, since CBD may reduce the risk of developing cancer in the first place.

Is smoking the only way to take CBD oil?

Not everyone is interested in smoking or vaping CBD oil, and that’s completely understandable. It is an effective delivery system since the lungs can absorb the active compounds quickly. If you don’t want to inhale, no problem! Oil can be taken under the tongue (sublingually) with equal effectiveness. There are blood vessels under the tongue that are more open to absorbing substances, getting the oil into your bloodstream quickly. You can also swallow drops of oil or use capsules without any loss of effect.

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