What can I expect when starting CBD/CBG?

CBD and CBG oil are becoming more popular as a treatment for many physical and mental symptoms. As such, many people are interested in trying this therapy but are concerned about what they will feel like when taking a new substance.

These oils do not contain THC, which is the psychoactive compound that makes cannabis users feel “high.” In fact, when you first start taking these oils, they are so gentle that you might not notice any immediate and dramatic change.

This is because CBD and CBG oil work slowly and deeply to help the body heal. It’s not a sudden shift of how you feel, it’s a gradual improvement. For example, most pain medication can be felt within 30 minutes, and you experience a clear decrease, or even elimination, of the pain you feel. With CBD oil, it helps to heal the underlying cause of the pain. You’d feel only a small immediate effect. Over time, however, you’ll have less and less pain since the cause is being repaired by your body.

You can expect improvement from painful conditions within a few days with this oil because it’s decreasing the inflammation in your body and allowing tissues to heal normally. It may take several weeks of consistent use to see the most benefit as it does its work. This is a big difference from most drugs which in most cases only cover up pain and don’t promote healing.

The most immediate effects you’ll feel are on your state of mind. While it doesn’t cause a “high” feeling, it does cause a blanket of calmness to wrap itself around you. This is especially helpful if you’re prone to feeling anxious or stressed out. It helps to smooth out your emotions so you can avoid overthinking, spinning thoughts, and the edginess our busy culture can cause.

Because you’ll be less stressed, you’ll begin to find it easier to focus. This applies to work tasks, but also to conversations with friends and family, and on projects for your hobbies. Many people find that stress and anxiety sap the joy out of activities they would normally enjoy. CBD and CBG oil are a great natural answer to bring back the enjoyment in these things.

Finally, and this is something so many people struggle with, these oils will help you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake feeling rested. The same kind of calmness that you’d feel when using these oils for anxiety is the same feeling you’ll get near bedtime. It’s not like a sleep drug. CBD and CBG oils promote faster and deeper sleep cycles that sync up with your natural circadian rhythm. It doesn’t knock you out. It works with your brain and your hormones to get you back on track to get great, refreshing sleep.

So, what will you feel when you take these oils? A calmness, a relaxation, and improved well-being. You’ll be able to think more clearly and rest more easily. You’ll feel tension melt away as your body heals from the chronic inflammation so many of us are dealing with. You won’t feel anything dramatic. Instead, you’ll have more subtle feelings of gentle improvement that only get better the more you use them.

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