CBD for your Workout

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, elite athlete, or you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, CBD and CBG oils have a place in your routine. These compounds can give a boost to your performance, but more importantly they can help you recover faster and have less soreness after training.

There are two major causes of pain and soreness when you’ve had a workout. These are muscle tears and inflammation, both of which are normal, but can be very uncomfortable. Most people turn to over the counter drugs such as NSAIDS to calm this pain. While they are effective, they have side effects that can increase risks for stroke, heart attack, and other conditions.

CBD and CBG oil effectively reduce pain and the perception of pain without the side effects you can see from these kinds of drugs. An effective approach would be to use a tincture under your tongue as well as a salve rubbed over the most painful areas, such as knees, biceps, and other sore areas.

Inflammation is a normal response to training, and it’s the mechanism that helps the body to heal damage. We need it in small amounts, but often we accumulate so much inflammation from workouts (and from daily living) that it starts to damage tissues and cause pain that doesn’t go away. Cannabinoids are a wonderful way to address this underlying inflammation.

Cannabinoids assist the body in reaching homeostasis, which is a state of balance where healing is possible. Reducing the excess inflammation through cannabinoid use will relieve much of the pain and stiffness you can experience after your workout.

Nothing beats CBD and CBG as a post-workout recovery method. Workouts, especially more intense workouts that involve prolonged cardio sessions or weight lifting, elevate the hormone cortisol. Some cortisol is necessary, but the more we have in circulation the more stress we feel both physically and

Elevated cortisol can cause muscle damage, sleep disturbances, and weight gain. These are the opposite effects that we’d want to see from a training session! Supplementing with cannabinoids naturally reduces the cortisol levels in the body and promotes healing of tissues. This will enable your muscles to grow stronger and let you get deeper sleep for ideal recovery. More than that, the positive effects on blood sugar will propel you towards your fitness goals.

Some people find that they have greater stamina in the gym from taking CBD oil before a workout, so this is worth trying. Plan for an easier workout the first day you try it so you can accurately see how you feel.

There is no downside to using CBD and CBG oils for your workout or your recovery. The World Anti-Doping Agency as well as the US equivalent have removed CBD oil from their list of prohibited substances, so even if you’re a professional athlete or competitor you can safely use CBD oil every day.

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